coming home from being at home


Dear Gia, 17.04.2012

We had such a great time visiting my family and friends in South Africa. Three weeks seamed like a long time, but visiting “home” can never be long enough. It was very difficult and emotional to say goodbye this time.

Here we are back in the UK after an eventful flight home. We left Cape Town on time, however arrived in Dubai over an hour late. I already had our boarding tickets to London, they stated a boarding time of 1.45 am and we landed at 1.30am! We got out of the plane as fast as possible and wouldn’t you know it? Yes we were at the other end of the terminal. It felt like we had arrived at Gate 1 and needed to get to Gate 213. I grabbed hold of our hand luggage and told the girls to RUN. Which we did. We finally arrived at our designated gate and were told that the flight was just about to board.

After a little while we were told that there would be a slight delay as other connecting flights were still arriving. Then there was a delay due to a technical fault and no idea for how long. So I got the girls settled (It was around midnight SA time). A. promptly went to sleep while M. tried very hard. Then a further announcement: we had to change planes as they couldn’t get the technical problem fixed. We were offered a McDonald’s meal voucher (yippee, A. has a real problem with the smell of airline food and tends to throw up at the smell of it, so McDonald’s was just what we needed)

Anyway, I had to wake up A. and ask her to walk with us, it was impossible to carry her and our hand luggage etc. I got her to the gate entrance where she sat on the floor and refused to move! She wanted to sleep and that was that. A very kind gentleman noticed my dilemma and offered to find a buggy (that’s a pram to you and me). We settled A. in the buggy where she promptly threw up. Thank goodness I had raided the aircraft sick bags before disembarking. So we finally arrived in the UK only about three and a half hours later that scheduled, but it did feel like a very long night. This flight did not compare to the time when we were stuck in Dubai due to the volcanic ash cloud, but that’s another story I’ll tell you about sometime.

The calendar tells us that we are in the season of Spring, which is my favourite time of the year, and it’s exciting to see all the flowers and new blooms. I love the surprise of not remembering where I have planted bulbs and squeal with delight at every new little sprout emerging from the ground.  As I normally leave the planting of the bulbs to the last minute and end up doing this in a hurry, the surprise is rather great.

You might have heard that we now have a hosepipe ban in the UK! Hard to believe, I know, and it is raining cats and dogs today! How can there possibly not be enough water in a country which has so much rain? Ok, let’s be fair, we have had a really long dry spell during this last winter.

You can imagine the Brits with their beautiful gardens. What will they do? The fine if caught is £1000!!!!!

I’ll tell you what I’m doing! Die Boer Maak ‘n Plan, is what a South African would say. I have bought a “bak” which I have placed in the kitchen sink and am catching all the water used while washing veg and fruit, even the coffee pot, including the coffee grounds. I then take the water and throw it into our garden.

The neighbours must think I’ve finally gone batty, but hey, I’m South African after all. I bet you our garden is going to look better than ever before, with all the goodness from our kitchen.

Need to dash to collect the children from school.

Lots of love from Ascot

E xxx


About Ela Klein

Happy, creative and loving life. Love to share what I know and keep learning. Forgotten the art of craft? I host craft classes. You bring along a project that you have been meaning to make and have not found the time for and I will help you complete it. ...or would you like to learn a craft? knitting, sewing, felting, beading etc. I will try my very best to guide you along with a cup of home grown peppermint tea and home baked cake. yummy :-) The result are mostly fabulous.

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