Ela’s letters from Ascot


11 May 2012


Dear Gia


It’s Friday and the sun is shining, well a little more that 5 Minutes anyway!!!!!

We have had so much rain I’m seriously surprised the Island has not yet begun to sink. Now that I’ve got my rain catcher in the sink, I don’t need it anymore.

Oh dear I’m becoming more English than the English talking about the weather, so to more important matters.

It was my birthday this week, thank you for your wishes, I had a great day. The girls and G brought me coffee in bed, with lit candles, loads of lovely presents (all of which were on my wish list 🙂

I spent the rest of the day baking and cooking. Have you ever tried Beetroot and Tomato Soup?

I got the recipe from the South African Ideas magazine, May 2012, see if you can still get a copy, the soup was delicious! I also cooked a Watercress soup as well as a spicy butternut soup. It was so grey outside I had to bring some colour into the home. The table looked great too, orange table cloth, red and pink roses etc. I will send you a picture.

G goes to a yoga class on a Wednesday night, so invited some girl friends for the evening and we really had a lovely time. I’m very lucky to have met some lovely ladies and we all enjoyed ourselves.

I had also lit loads of candles ( a little atmosphere, ne?), our home looked great.

The next day our neighbour, a gentleman in his late70’s, knocked on our door. He was carrying a rather old and loved lamp. He told me that he had noticed that we had a candle on the kitchen windowsill the previous night and thought we might have a problem with our electricity and would like to offer help and his lamp.

I was so touched, but had to explain that I was only trying to create some lovely light with my candles and that we had no problem at all. Oh, he said “just trying to help” Isn’t it so wonderful to have such caring souls as neighbours? Admittedly they do spend a lot of time at their window, but I love the fact that somebody is looking out for our welfare.


I’m planning to have a great weekend, I hope you are too!


Lots of love

E x



About Ela Klein

Happy, creative and loving life. Love to share what I know and keep learning. Forgotten the art of craft? I host craft classes. You bring along a project that you have been meaning to make and have not found the time for and I will help you complete it. ...or would you like to learn a craft? knitting, sewing, felting, beading etc. I will try my very best to guide you along with a cup of home grown peppermint tea and home baked cake. yummy :-) The result are mostly fabulous.

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