Detox Juice


Dear Gia


well the sun is still shining and I have made another juice today. It is called a carrot deep cleanser and if you would like to try this one too, this is what you need to do:

3 carrots

1/2 applw

1/2 beetroot

1 stick celery

3 large ale leaves

It has a slight taste of mother earth, hopefully this will ground me and give me enough energy to get through the day

Hope you are having a lovely day too


Lots of love

E x


About Ela Klein

Happy, creative and loving life. Love to share what I know and keep learning. Forgotten the art of craft? I host craft classes. You bring along a project that you have been meaning to make and have not found the time for and I will help you complete it. ...or would you like to learn a craft? knitting, sewing, felting, beading etc. I will try my very best to guide you along with a cup of home grown peppermint tea and home baked cake. yummy :-) The result are mostly fabulous.

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