Monday juice


Dear Gia

I hope you had a good weekend. We had a lovely time in Cheltenham, we were all pretty and dressed up ready for the high tea. It was a great afternoon and most of all AA enjoyed herself and was truely surprised.

We spent the night and still managed to enjoy some time at home, in the garden during the afternoon and even had a braai, our first this summer.

Now it is back to Monday and the grind of chores. I desperately need to russell up some business and have procrastinated like there is no tomorrow. I have made my juice for the day and just added everything

1/2 beetroot

2 apples

1 celery stick

2 kale leaves

1 carrot

piece of ginger

I think that was about it, I’m hoping this will give me enough energy to see me through the day or maybe even week?

Hope you are having a good start to the week

Lots of love



About Ela Klein

Happy, creative and loving life. Love to share what I know and keep learning. Forgotten the art of craft? I host craft classes. You bring along a project that you have been meaning to make and have not found the time for and I will help you complete it. ...or would you like to learn a craft? knitting, sewing, felting, beading etc. I will try my very best to guide you along with a cup of home grown peppermint tea and home baked cake. yummy :-) The result are mostly fabulous.

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  1. i have decided to start juicing again, knowing the benefits and listening to all your creations, i can definitely do with a boost in energy right now.
    Thank you for inspiring me 🙂

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