DAY 2 meditation with Chopra


Dear Gia


I have just completed day 2 of the meditation program and feel great!

I went to my yoga class this morning, it was great but I battled through the excersises. I know I’m still a beginner, however today everything seamed a little more difficult. It might just be my state of mind (feeling a little emotional today, nothing to worry about).

I’ve now enjoyed my cup of tea and sat down to embrace day 2. It is all about letting go of the past and the centring thought of the day is

“The past is over, I live blissfully loving the present”

I hope you are having a great day too


Lots of love


E x


PS: sorry that there have been no new juicing recipes and ideas, it has been so cold and wet that I have not felt like doing any. Pathetic excuse I know, I’m working on it x


About Ela Klein

Happy, creative and loving life. Love to share what I know and keep learning. Forgotten the art of craft? I host craft classes. You bring along a project that you have been meaning to make and have not found the time for and I will help you complete it. ...or would you like to learn a craft? knitting, sewing, felting, beading etc. I will try my very best to guide you along with a cup of home grown peppermint tea and home baked cake. yummy :-) The result are mostly fabulous.

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