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The Advent Calendar




I too get overwhelmed leading up to Christmas, starting with the Advent Calendar, which I make every year. I have great memories of my mom doing the same for my sister and me and hope that my girls will remember this too. They look forward to “what are you doing this year Mommy?” so no pressure at all! I have to think of a new way to present and create it every year. Last year we had chopped off the top of our cherry tree which I decorated with pottery robins and little parcels and even some fake snow.

I don’t think they realise how long it takes to wrap 48 individual chocolates. I was tempted to wrap a pair of knickers, for effect, with no chocolate hidden inside. Or maybe a dishwasher tablet with a note to remind them that it might be a great idea for them to unpack the dishwasher without me having to prompt them 5 times!

Thinking of it, this might be the best idea of all, have an advent calendar with notes on what to do, to make life easier for all in the household? The more I think about it the more appealing this sounds.


However I did end up sitting on the floor of my study with brown wrapping paper individually wrapping 48 chocolates and other little enticing bits after which I attached a pretty red and white ribbon and then another ribbon which had to be taped on securely. I will be hanging these little parcels all individually marked for the owner to be and with a number so there is no misunderstanding and hopefully all will be “fair’. Anyway these will be hanging off our existing wall hanging (picture will only be able to follow after the 1st December).

Even though I feel that it takes me forever to do this (and it does) I love the morning of the 1st December as my girls cannot wait to get downstairs to see what is waiting for them. And every year they are delighted…..what more could I want?

After all this effort G shakes his head and says:” surely you could just go and buy an Advent calendar?” He simply doesn’t understand sentimental, does he?


love to all



………… 21


Dear Gia


I have got to day 21 of my meditation, it has been great! I will make it my goal to continue to have at least 15 minutes a day to spend in “the gap”. I know that sounds perfectly reasonable, considering we have 24 hours in a day, about 15 of them awake, that takes me to 900 minutes. Asking for only 15 to have to myself sounds easy, doesn’t it? I do know that I need to take these 15 minutes as early in the day as possible as the 845 minutes just whizz by and another day has begun.

M, A and I are off to Germany tomorrow, where we will be visiting family. G has to work 😦 so it will just be the  3 of us. I will be driving, the first time I will be doing this journey on my own. I look forward to it, lots of stops on the way as we have no time pressure. We are staying with my cousin and then will be taking my aunt up to the North Sea to a 3 house town (town?) called Sielmoelken where we will be staying for a week. My aunt is not very well and the North Sea has been a favourite holiday destination for her. I’m sure that we will have a great time and if I may believe Mr weather forecast we might even catch a few rays of sun.

On the way back we will stay over in Brugge for one night, this will break up the journey as well as give us the opportunity to see a little of Belgium.

Did you know that during the night from August 12 to the 13th we will  have the chance to see one of the rarest meteor shower. During the night we will be able to see thousands of these falling starts  until August 23rd, however the night from the 12 to 13th will be the best with about 100 meteors per  hour. As we will be in the middle of nowhere I’m  hoping for us to get a really good view. It will have to compete with the closing ceremony of the Olympics……… actually I think nature will win gold for this one.

As we will be in the middle of nowhere we will have no access to the internet, what a lovely thought.

I hope you are well and enjoying the snow…… I have just seen a picture of the snow in Johannesburg, are you having snow in Cape Town too?


Lots of love


E x

day 11, 12, 13…….


Dear Gia


you must think that I have fallen off the bandwagon, and I have a bit.

What is it about the school holidays, I have even less time that during term time. The girls keep me busy and then of course we have the Olympics.

Wow, how lucky are we to be a short train ride away from London!

We had tickets to watch the mens gymnasts on Saturday at the Greenwich stadium. It was amazing!!! There is no other way to describe it. We spent the rest of the day in London and had a really good time. Once we were home G went straight on line to see if we could  get some more tickets. The website keeps saying there are tickets available, but when  you try and confirm your choice they are no longer there. Very, very frustrating, especially as we had seen how many empty seats were left in the stadium. So we tried to get tickets for the Paralympics and yes managed to get some! This will be so exciting to see, and our tickets are in the main stadium which is a real treat. I’m not sure if I mentioned, there was a competition at M’s school, the children had to design a poster and M’s groups poster was chosen and is displayed in the stadium. We just have to ensure we get to see it.

Anyway while we were looking to buy some further tickets, G suddenly said: Oh there are tickets available for the diving!”

A had just entered the room and hadn’t realised we were back on the Olympic site for the current games and not on the Paralympics. She looked a little confused and said: ” So what part of the body needs to be broken for you to do the diving?”

I love her to bits.


Back to my meditation, I did laps on the weekend, however have got back into it. Is this allowed? I will try and catch up. It seams the only way I can do this is first thing in the morning, as the day takes over and I cannot settle back into it. I’m still focusing on love and how to find the gap.


Hope you know where the gap is too





Day 9


Dear Gia

Believe it or not another beautiful day in Ascot and with one day to go till the Olympics, temperatures are running high. So many Londoners are complaining about the additional traffic, road closures to be used for olympic traffic only and so on. Well, they cannot complain about the weather at the moment so they have to find something else.

I  say: Bring it on!! Stay at home if you like, but we are going this Saturday to watch the mens gymnastics, exciting, he? I cannot wait to be part of it and we are all really looking forward to it too. We were lucky to get the tickets, but then again we applied fro them and we paid for them too.

I doubt very much that I will be living so close to a city which will be hosting the Olympics in my lifetime, so I intend to embrace it all! Do watch it on tv as we will be waving 😉

My neck has beed painful for about 3 weeks now, so I made an appointment with an acupuncturist today and have had my treatment this afternoon. It was my first ever time and it feels good. We will have to see how it develops, but I’m looking forward to waking up with NO pain in my neck tomorrow.


G and I have a date tonight :::—))), the children have been invited for a sleep over and as the weather is so great, I will join G on the golf course  for 9 holes and then we will go out for dinner. The last time I was able to accompany G on the golf course was when I was pregnant with M so far to long ago. It will be lovely to literally walk into the sunset.


I have done my meditation this afternoon, we are still focusing on the heart, your intuitive Heart.

More and more I learn to trust the intuition of my  heart.


Hope you are well too



E x

Day 5 meditation with Chopra


Dear Gia

what a glorious day we have had, the sun shone brightly all day, it was amazingly beautiful.
The feeling of the sun warming the skin and now that is has set, my skin is still tingling and and has a slight colour too. I feel alive and so well, even though my back is hurting as I have been in the garden all day.
The children have put up a tent in the garden and have settled for the night, I wonder how long it will take for the first to come back into the house? Hopefully it will not be a long night.
I have only now managed to do my meditation and it is starting to get a little easier to find “the gap” although my thoughts still go on a walk about.
Today thought is
Love us what I am, what I give, and what I receive


Have  a great start to the week


Lots of love

E x

and I thought I was super woman


Dear Gia

goodness it has been a while since I have been in touch, sorry my dear, life is so busy, I wish I could have little more time. My dream would be to wake up every morning, without the alarm clock, have a coffee in bed and then settle down to write a few lines to you my dear friend. Dreams are great, but right now it is still a dream.

My day today started nice and slowly, G was out of town so I could have a little of a lye in (is that how you spell lye in?), anyway once the girls were dropped off at school I went to my yoga lesson. Yes, I have started yoga, this was my 4th lesson today. G has been going to lessons for a while now and even though I do Pilates and have been doing this for a while, I have the desperate need to stretch my body. Have I told you this before? I’m sorry, my mind obviously needs some stretching too.

It was a good lesson and I only needed to have a few moments where I had to rest . My aim is to be able to touch my toes, without to much effort and stand on my head. Get those brain cells working.

By the time I arrived back home the spare parts for our kitchen tap had arrived. Our kitchen tap had started to corrode a while back as well as having developed a very annoying leak. G suggested to get a new tap, so started surfing the net. What a choice! Where do you start? It’s not like seeing one in the flesh, but it was a start. I did discover, however that most taps have 3-5 years guarantee which got me thinking that our tap might well be under guarantee too.

I had to choose to find the receipts, we have accumulated a lot of receipts over the last 4 years, or give the company a call. The latter option was the easier one. The service department was great, I explained my dilemma and guess what their solution was? Don’t worry we will send out the part to you asap and will  include fitting instructions.

I was so surprised I had to stop myself from asking: “Are you sure?” I gladly accepted and called G with my good news. He was excited too,  however suggested we get a plumber to do the fitting of the new part. Pah, not me! I’m super woman, I can do anything, and it is comming with fitting instructions!

So I spent the better part of 2 hours, 30 minutes to take the tap apart, and 90 minutes trying to get it back together again.The intricate valve which separates the filtered water from the unfiltered water, finally came apart and in my eagerness to get it back together again broke!!!

So much for super woman! Now what? Phone G? No way! If I would have a tail, it would be firmly between my legs by now. I opted to phone the tap company and a very nice gentleman listened to my, by now, very sad story and suggested he send out a new part in the post today :-)))))) He would also include the brass bit ,which was the part giving me all the trouble, to make the assembly easier. It would be posted first class mail to try and get it to us tomorrow.

Now I could phone G and tell him my story and to his credit he did not say: “I told you so”

We have no running water in the kitchen, thank goodness we have a utility. So now it is holding thumbs that we get the part tomorrow and that I actually manage to do a proper job this time. Thank goodness we are invited for dinner tonight, which means I need to dash.


Hope you are well, have a lovely weekend


Love E x