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Day 14, 15….


Dear Gia

I’m still doing my meditation, don’t worry, I’m just  not managing to write about it every day.

Yesterday we were “healing the heart” “I am open and ready to give and receive more love than ever before

I like that very much!

Today we are living from love : “As I notice love all  around me. I look for more ways to love.”

I like that too!

The girls, some friends and I went berry picking yesterday. We do this every year and absolutely love it! I got so excited, it is better than any visit to a sweet shop. I have never seen such beautiful red and black currents and in pure abundance. Delightful!

Even more exciting is tasting while you are picking, you need to make sure that the fruit is good 😉 and then to get home and convert all these lovely fruits to jams, cordials and a few left to eat just as they are.

Love Ascot in the summer




Dawn Chorus


15 May 2012

Dear Gia

good golly we have just had thunder and lightning!! I love it, we don’t get that many storms here in Ascot. I love it when the sky turns black, the wind starts to howl and then the rain drops to the bottom of the earth. The best thing about it all is that I’m sitting at my desk, nice and warm and dry. Within a few minutes it is all over, just as well as I need to go and collect the girls from school in 10 minutes.

I thought I would drop you a quick line today.

I have been waking up most mornings around 4.30am, guess why? The birds are singing in the trees. We call it the dawn chorus, at that time of the morning I would like to call it the dawn raucous!! Boy oh boy, I do love birds, but they can make a lot of noise. Thank goodness for double glazing, once the window is closed I can go back to sleep.

G solves the problem by putting the pillow on his head, I wonder how he manages to breathe?

One day I will have to record the birds and research which birds they are. At a second thought maybe not.

Hope you are having a good day

Lots of love

E x