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The Advent Calendar




I too get overwhelmed leading up to Christmas, starting with the Advent Calendar, which I make every year. I have great memories of my mom doing the same for my sister and me and hope that my girls will remember this too. They look forward to “what are you doing this year Mommy?” so no pressure at all! I have to think of a new way to present and create it every year. Last year we had chopped off the top of our cherry tree which I decorated with pottery robins and little parcels and even some fake snow.

I don’t think they realise how long it takes to wrap 48 individual chocolates. I was tempted to wrap a pair of knickers, for effect, with no chocolate hidden inside. Or maybe a dishwasher tablet with a note to remind them that it might be a great idea for them to unpack the dishwasher without me having to prompt them 5 times!

Thinking of it, this might be the best idea of all, have an advent calendar with notes on what to do, to make life easier for all in the household? The more I think about it the more appealing this sounds.


However I did end up sitting on the floor of my study with brown wrapping paper individually wrapping 48 chocolates and other little enticing bits after which I attached a pretty red and white ribbon and then another ribbon which had to be taped on securely. I will be hanging these little parcels all individually marked for the owner to be and with a number so there is no misunderstanding and hopefully all will be “fair’. Anyway these will be hanging off our existing wall hanging (picture will only be able to follow after the 1st December).

Even though I feel that it takes me forever to do this (and it does) I love the morning of the 1st December as my girls cannot wait to get downstairs to see what is waiting for them. And every year they are delighted…..what more could I want?

After all this effort G shakes his head and says:” surely you could just go and buy an Advent calendar?” He simply doesn’t understand sentimental, does he?


love to all