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The Hamster!


It is my daughters birthday tomorrow and she will be turning 8 years old.

The one thing she would love more than anything else would be a pet, preferably a dog! I would love to have a dog too, however I also know that a dog needs company and many days I’m out of the house for more that 5 hours and it would just not be fair.

We have thought about a cat, however after long discussions and deliberations G and I decided that she will be getting a hamster!

G did all the research, which ones bite and which ones don’t ( I bet you they all bite ) and I went to the pet store to do the final selection. Our hamster was booked and paid for, all I needed to do today was go and collect him. The cage was already assembled in the garage awaiting its new owner.

Off I go to the pet shop, make sure I purchase all the other bits and pieces to make sure he will have a great start in his new home. The hamster (he does not have a name yet, A will have to name him) is placed in a box with a little of his bedding and straw and lifted gently into my car. We put him at the passenger side on the floor just in case I would need to brake suddenly.

Off I drive, remembering to turn the heating onto window and away from the floor, as I didn’t want the little fellow to roast! He was scratching around his little box, so I put on classical music for some additional calm and chatted to him all the way home. It is not a long journey, only about 10 minutes.

I arrive home and still talking to the hamster tell him that I will go inside to prepare the cage with his bedding etc, to ensure he has a smooth transition.

I add all the straw (what a mess) finally figure out how to fill the water bottle, fill his bowl with food, which promptly fell over, and am now ready to rehouse our new friend.

I get his box out the car and tell him all about his new home. I gently open the box in direction of the cage opening as  I’m a little concerned he might be darting to freedom. I don’t really want to put my hand in the box either so gently, gently move all the straw and bedding out to discover………….. NO HAMSTER!!!!

My heart sank, of course I looked again, you know how you do, because you just cannot believe what you are seeing. The sad thing was there are no hidden areas in a box, are there? Unless you know of a magician. What I did discover was a rather large hole on the side of the box.

Oh no!!! Where is he? He had to be in the car. But where? I needed help, quickly. Luckily for me, our neighbour is a fireman, ok this might not fall in his job description, and he does work shifts. I didn’t care even if he would be asleep I ran over and rang the door bell. Thank goodness he was home and happy to help. After retrieving his gloves, as hamsters do bite, he dashed over to the rescue.

We slowly started to remove any items from the car, and we have a few,  ( I even found things I didn’t know I had lost) shook out the umbrella, just in case. After a what felt like ages we found him between the boot and the back row of seats, however there was no way we could get to him. So my neighbour suggests we move the seats, which we manage to do without  squashing the little rodent. He is moving about, not having any of this. I dash inside to get a piece of apple, food always helps, right? Any way after many back and forths he runs to the driver side and to the peddles. I had visions of him disappearing behind one of them ,but luckily he didn’t. I managed to scoop him up before he got there and together we placed him in the box and finally in his new cage.

I would like to say that I’m sipping a G&T while typing this, I certainly need one, I’m too old for all this excitement, but can say that little hamster is sound asleep in his new home.

All I hope is that A will be as delighted as we hope she will be, and the hamster will be in the cage as we left him.


Sending you all my love from Ascot