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day 11, 12, 13…….


Dear Gia


you must think that I have fallen off the bandwagon, and I have a bit.

What is it about the school holidays, I have even less time that during term time. The girls keep me busy and then of course we have the Olympics.

Wow, how lucky are we to be a short train ride away from London!

We had tickets to watch the mens gymnasts on Saturday at the Greenwich stadium. It was amazing!!! There is no other way to describe it. We spent the rest of the day in London and had a really good time. Once we were home G went straight on line to see if we could  get some more tickets. The website keeps saying there are tickets available, but when  you try and confirm your choice they are no longer there. Very, very frustrating, especially as we had seen how many empty seats were left in the stadium. So we tried to get tickets for the Paralympics and yes managed to get some! This will be so exciting to see, and our tickets are in the main stadium which is a real treat. I’m not sure if I mentioned, there was a competition at M’s school, the children had to design a poster and M’s groups poster was chosen and is displayed in the stadium. We just have to ensure we get to see it.

Anyway while we were looking to buy some further tickets, G suddenly said: Oh there are tickets available for the diving!”

A had just entered the room and hadn’t realised we were back on the Olympic site for the current games and not on the Paralympics. She looked a little confused and said: ” So what part of the body needs to be broken for you to do the diving?”

I love her to bits.


Back to my meditation, I did laps on the weekend, however have got back into it. Is this allowed? I will try and catch up. It seams the only way I can do this is first thing in the morning, as the day takes over and I cannot settle back into it. I’m still focusing on love and how to find the gap.


Hope you know where the gap is too






Day 10


Good morning Gia


How are you?

Early  morning again for me today, even though the girls are not here. I managed to do my meditation and am preparing for some friends to pop in for a Thermomix demonstration. Do you know about Thermomix?

It is a super, duper kitchen machine, which weighs, chops, stirs, cooks and steams. We have had one for over 3 years now and I would not want to be without it. You can get them in SA too, do have a look.

It was a lovely morning, with lots of ideas and of course at the end of it, lots of food to try.

Now we are preparing for our trip to London tomorrow to go and see the Olympic male gymnasts. I have bought train tickets for the girls and me, G has his monthly ticket. The Olympic tickets actually come with a free travel card, so we only need to pay from Feltham a few stops from Ascot. I’m really looking forward to see it all and will report back.


Coming back to my meditation, it is still about the heart, but the giving heart:

“Today and ever day I find simple ways to give to everyone I meet”

Sounds like a good idea, don’t you think?


Lots of love

E x

Day 9


Dear Gia

Believe it or not another beautiful day in Ascot and with one day to go till the Olympics, temperatures are running high. So many Londoners are complaining about the additional traffic, road closures to be used for olympic traffic only and so on. Well, they cannot complain about the weather at the moment so they have to find something else.

I  say: Bring it on!! Stay at home if you like, but we are going this Saturday to watch the mens gymnastics, exciting, he? I cannot wait to be part of it and we are all really looking forward to it too. We were lucky to get the tickets, but then again we applied fro them and we paid for them too.

I doubt very much that I will be living so close to a city which will be hosting the Olympics in my lifetime, so I intend to embrace it all! Do watch it on tv as we will be waving 😉

My neck has beed painful for about 3 weeks now, so I made an appointment with an acupuncturist today and have had my treatment this afternoon. It was my first ever time and it feels good. We will have to see how it develops, but I’m looking forward to waking up with NO pain in my neck tomorrow.


G and I have a date tonight :::—))), the children have been invited for a sleep over and as the weather is so great, I will join G on the golf course  for 9 holes and then we will go out for dinner. The last time I was able to accompany G on the golf course was when I was pregnant with M so far to long ago. It will be lovely to literally walk into the sunset.


I have done my meditation this afternoon, we are still focusing on the heart, your intuitive Heart.

More and more I learn to trust the intuition of my  heart.


Hope you are well too



E x